Healthy New Year’s Resolutions can go a long way in setting your family up for a great year! Whether you’re looking to prevent childhood obesity, grow closer as a family, or simply live a more active lifestyle, these 10 New Year’s resolution ideas for families can help.

1.  Cook Together as a Family

One easy way to eat healthier is by cooking more. If you want to get the family excited about healthier meals, try involving them in the cooking process. You might be surprised how much pride and enjoyment they’ll get out of helping in the kitchen.

2.  Sign Up for a 5K

Help your family be more active by signing them up for a 5K. Most races have different options for walking and running, so you can accommodate everyone in the family. Plus, the money you spend will end up going to a good cause.

3.  Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, manage the symptoms of ADHD, and promote mental health. Try meditating as a family, going on nature walks, or writing in a gratitude journal to start taking advantage of the benefits of mindfulness.

4. Take Post-Dinner Walks

Developing a healthy family lifestyle is easy if you focus on making small changes to your routine. Get in the habit of taking a short, post-dinner walk with the family. Not only will you be more active, but you’ll get to spend even more quality time together.

5.  Reduce Screen Time

Screen time isn’t all bad, but a little bit goes a long way. In the new year, try creating pockets of time where no screen time is allowed. And yes, that means your cell phone, too!

6. Throw a Weekly Dance Party

Being active is never more fun than when you’re dancing with your little ones. Try implementing a weekly dance party to get everyone moving. Take turns choosing the playlist for even more fun!

7.  Try New Recipes

Struggling to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Why not try letting them help you find new recipes. Choose a cookbook or head online and focus on finding healthy recipes you’ve never tried before.

8. Turn TV Commercials into Fitness Breaks

Trust us, you’ve seen enough toy commercials. Try implementing a quick fitness routine into commercial breaks. Whether you run in place, do jumping jacks, try different yoga poses, or do a rep of pushups, the whole family will benefit from some bursts of activity during your favorite show.

9. Plant Your Own Garden

Planting a vegetable garden with your kids is a great way to encourage them to eat more vegetables. They’ll love eating food they’ve grown themselves, and they’ll spend more time outside in the process.

10. Volunteer in Your Community

Getting involved in the community can have a lasting impact on your child’s mental health, and depending on how you choose to help, you might even find yourself getting more exercise. We recommend helping with neighborhood cleanups, walking dogs at the humane society, or giving back in any way that gets your kids up and moving.

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