While stomach flu symptoms can range in severity, most can be managed at home until the condition passes. With our top three tips, you can ensure that your little one is as comfortable as possible.

Stay Hydrated
Stomach pain in children is one of the most common symptoms of the stomach flu. It can make kids want to avoid drinking fluids, but hydration is critical for a speedy recovery. Encourage your child to sip on water throughout the entire day to prevent dehydration. However, be sure to avoid giving him or her caffeinated beverages as these can make their symptoms much worse.

Eat Right
Many kids lose their appetite while their sick, but proper nutrition is integral for getting better. When it comes to the stomach flu, eating small portions of plain foods such as crackers, soup and fruit can be the best upset stomach remedy. Have your child to drink water between bites to prevent stomach pain and encourage healthy digestion.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Quality sleep is critical for recovery, but can be difficult to achieve. Children may have trouble staying asleep due to body temperature fluctuations and pain, but you can make it easier by using an over the counter sleeping aid designed specifically for children. You should also make sure that your child’s bedroom is at a comfortable temperature at all times to ensure that they get high quality sleep.

Dealing with the flu is tough, but it doesn’t need to last longer than necessary. Help your child overcome the stomach flu swiftly by utilizing these three techniques at home. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today!