If getting up and ready for school is a daily struggle for your child, you may be interested in developing a more strategic morning routine. Woodburn Pediatric Clinic offers personalized ADD treatment for their patients but there are also things you can do at home to help manage symptoms. Discover effective techniques to streamline your routine and make mornings more manageable so you can get on with your day.

Create a To-Do List
A reasonable to-do list is an excellent tool for children with ADD because it contributes to a consistent routine, which is a critical part of successful ADD treatment. Routines help children avoid anxiety, frustration, and stress caused by unpredictable situations. For children with ADD, an achievable routine can help to prevent outbursts and other maladaptive behaviors.

 Plan Ahead
Attention deficit disorder in children poses challenges, ranging from difficulty focusing in school to unpredictable emotional outbursts. Reducing stress in the morning starts with planning the night before. As a result, mornings will be less stressful for both parents and children with ADD.

You can accomplish tasks like preparing school lunches, planning outfits and prepping backpacks before bed each night. Get your child involved by having them assist you with selecting their clothes or getting their backpack ready. By minimizing the number of morning tasks, you can reduce your child’s stress and frustration.

Keep Distractions at Bay
Distractions such as electronics and television should be kept off in the mornings. Without distractions, your child will be better able to attend their morning routine. Instead, if you have a little extra time to spare before school, consider heading outside to play for a few minutes. Exercise is especially important for children with ADD because it improves their ability to focus throughout the day.

If you have any questions related to developing a morning routine for your child or are interested in learning about the ADD treatment options we offer, get in touch with us today!