It’s back to school time again. With the start of a new school year come both old and new challenges. Children with ADHD can be especially difficult to prepare for school. They often experience heightened levels of anxiety and may resist any changes to their current routine. Learn some useful ways to help your child start the new school year with these tips from the Examiner.

Provide Support and Reassurance

Children with ADHD can struggle adapting to a new routine and environment. You can help ease your child’s anxiety about these changes by providing constant support and reassurance. Remind them that they will have a new teacher and the opportunity to make new friends. Try to shift their anxiety to excitement by focusing on starting a new grade and gaining new experiences.

Start a Morning and Nightly Routine

Kids with ADHD often find comfort in having a consistent morning and nightly routine. It can also reduce anxiety and apprehension towards school. Children with ADHD should never feel rushed in the mornings, as this can worsen anxiety. Establish a routine that leaves your child with enough time to accomplish all of their tasks, such as getting dressed, prepping their backpack, and eating breakfast. If you are interested in learning about an ADHD pediatric diet plan for your child, contact Woodburn Pediatric Clinic today. One of the specialized pediatric doctors, such as Dr. Steinberg, would be happy to help.

Make Organization a Priority

Organization can help prevent last minute panic attacks and frustration caused by misplaced homework and school supplies. Work with your child to create an organization system that they can commit to using every day.

Stay in Touch with the Teacher

Staying in touch with your child’s teacher can help you monitor their behavior and progress in the classroom. Ask the teacher if they would place your child near the front of the class, because it tends to have fewer distractions, which can improve your child’s attentiveness.

Help your child get a great start this school year by utilizing these tips. You can get started with many of them while your child is still on summer vacation to ease the transition. Don’t forget to bookmark and visit Woodburn Pediatrics Blog for other helpful information.