No matter what grade your child is in, after-school activities can be beneficial for their development. Extracurricular activities can help kids get active, make new friends, learn new skills, and build confidence. Plus, after-school activities for teens look great on college applications.

New Year, New Options

As the new school year approaches, it’s time to start talking with your child about the types of after-school activities they might be interested in trying. Your school district or local parenting magazine may have a comprehensive list of after-school activities available in your area but if not, here’s a list of ideas to get you started.

The Best After-School Activities:

  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Sports
  • Coding classes
  • Drama classes
  • Dance classes
  • Martial arts
  • Student Government
  • Gymnastics classes
  • Language classes
  • Robotics classes
  • STEM camps
  • Music lessons
  • Debate team

Helping Your Child Choose an After-School Activity

Your child may be unsure which after-school activities to choose or be hesitant to try anything at all. Being a little anxious about new experiences is very normal. Depending on your child’s age, it might be best to make the decision for your child and let them know that if they give it a try and they don’t enjoy it that they can switch to something else.

If your child is really nervous to try an after-school activity, consider speaking to other parents about what extracurricular activities their children will be participating in. Knowing a friend will be in the program might help your child feel more at ease. Remember to lead by example. If your child sees you trying new things they will be more open to trying new things themselves.

If your child has ADHD, be sure to check out our blog on the best after-school activities for children with ADHD.
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