During the merriest time of the year, parents can struggle to find safe and age appropriate Christmas toys for their children. With so many kids’ Christmas toys to choose from, shopping can feel overwhelming. At Woodburn Pediatric, children’s safety and wellbeing is our top priority, which is why we’ve compiled these helpful toy safety tips for you and your family. Keep them in mind while searching for the perfect gift for your child.

Avoid Small Parts

Many toys, especially Christmas toys for boys, contain small parts. Young children should not be allowed to play with these types of toys as they are a safety hazard. Children can accidentally swallow these small parts which can be fatal.

Always Inspect Toys

Modern manufacturing methods are not flawless; some toys may have defects or loose parts. Parents should always inspect each toy prior to use. While inspecting, look for sharp edges and poor assembly. Children tend to handle toys roughly, which is why durability is an important characteristic to look for in a Christmas toy.

Stay Away from Magnets

Many toys include small magnetic parts, which can be unsafe for young children. If swallowed, the magnets will attempt to attract one another and can disrupt stomach and intestinal linings.

Avoid Latex and Thin Materials

Latex and other thin materials can break easily. Many balls are made out of poor materials that can suddenly pop. Thin materials can also lodge into the throat and lead to suffocation. We recommend opting for stronger, more durable materials such as rubber.

All toy manufacturers are required to include potential safety hazard information and age recommendations on the packaging. Parents should carefully read this information and reference our safety tips to pick out the best toys for their child this holiday season. For more information on how to keep your child safe, visit our Woodburn Pediatric Clinic blog.