Winter time is here and there is plenty of fun to be had outdoors. As children prepare for their favorite winter activities, it is more important than ever for parents to be aware of the many safety risks associated with the coldest season of the year. We here at Woodburn Pediatric would like to share a few helpful winter safety tips that can ensure your youngster stays protected this season.

Never Let Children Play Outside Alone

Children should never be allowed to play outside alone, especially during the winter time. An adult or older sibling should always supervise a younger child’s outdoor playtime. If this isn’t an option, you can establish a buddy system. Have your child team up with a friend or sibling when heading outdoors, and emphasize that they must stick together at all times.

Set Frequent Break Times

Children should take frequent breaks from playing in cold weather. Instead of asking your child to check-in with you every so often, you can set specific times for them to come inside. Try setting an alarm on your child’s cellphone to ensure that he or she complies with your pre-determined break times.

Check the Weather Prior to Allowing Your Child Outdoors

Winter weather conditions can be unpredictable. It is dangerous for children to be outside during heavy winds and snowfall. Before giving your child permission to head outdoors, check the weather forecast for extreme weather conditions and warnings.

Set a Close Proximity to Your Home

Children love to explore, even if it isn’t safe to do so. You should always clearly define an acceptable proximity for your child to play in, and it should be near your home. This simple child safety tip will help you find your child quickly if he or she fails to check-in with you, or gets hurt.

These winter safety tips are practical ways to keep your child protected this winter. You can boost their effectiveness by making sure your child’s cellphone is fully charged before allowing them to play outside. For more helpful tips on children’s safety, visit our blog, or contact us directly. Don’t forget to spread the awareness by sharing these winter safety tips with your friends and family!