Learning how to tie shoe laces is an important milestone for children between the ages of five and six; however, at Woodburn Pediatric Clinic, we know that not all kids respond to the same teaching method. These techniques can help make the learning experience a fun activity for you and your child:

Bunny Ears

This tying method is one of the most popular ways to teach kids to tie shoes because it simplifies the process. Tell your child to create bunny ears by bending the shoe laces in half. He or she will then need to cross the bunny ears in an “x” shape, and tie tightly to secure the knot – or the bunny’s head.

Magic Fingers

Also known as the Loop and Swoop, this traditional technique is considered the easiest and quickest way to learn how to tie shoes. Start by telling your child to cross the laces in an “x” shape. He or she will then need to create one loop by bending a shoe lace in half, then wrap or “swoop” the other shoe lace around it and pull the end tightly through the middle of the loop.

Shoe Tying Song

There are many variations of shoe tying songs that help children remember how to tie a knot. Since children learn differently, you may find it best to create your own learning to tie shoes song or phrase. Make sure it has a memorable tune and explains each step accurately. For example, for the Loop and Swoop technique, you could say, “First you loop it, then you swoop it, and finally you pull it.” Songs and phrases are fun learning aids that children tend to remember better than verbal instructions alone.

Repetition makes perfect. It is important for your child to practice tying knots often to keep the method fresh. If your child suffers from a learning disability and is struggling to learn how to tie his or her shoes, contact us or stop by in person; we are here to help.

Which learning method is your personal favorite? Tell us in a comment below. Don’t forget to visit the Woodburn Pediatric blog for more useful tips and information for your family.