Daily family life can get hectic, and oftentimes our activity levels and healthy eating habits can suffer as a result. With this being such a common concern for so many families, the pediatric specialists at Woodburn Pediatric Clinic are pleased to host BodyWorks, a prevention program that provides simple, practical tools and strategies for improving eating habits and upping activity levels.

The best pediatricians will tell you that the first step to keeping your family healthy is a prevention strategy that includes eating wholesome foods and regular exercise. BodyWorks can help families incorporate this strategy into their everyday lives, and includes parents and little ones alike. The curriculum provides practical advice and ideas on how to create weekly meal plans, shop for healthy food items on a budget, make cooking with kids a family activity, and incorporating routine exercise into your family’s daily life.

Sessions will includes hands-on cooking demonstrations for kids and families (children 8+), and advice and ideas from activity and exercise specialists to learn how to set and track goals for your family related to healthy eating and exercise. BodyWorks also covers the MyPlate program and how to incorporate it into your family’s eating habits, as well as practical tips on how to maximize your money at the grocery store, and plan/budget for healthy eating.

There will be a total of six workshops offered three to four times a year. The workshops will take place at the pediatric clinic on Monday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. There is a per class limit of six to eight families, and there will be a waiting list available to sign up on at Woodburn Pediatric Clinic. Classes are offered in both Spanish and English. Contact Woodburn Pediatric Clinic for more information.

You can also visit Woodburn Pediatric Clinic’s Health Resources blog for more practical tips on keeping your family healthy and active.