As a pediatric clinic dedicated to the betterment of our diverse community, Woodburn Pediatrics continually strives to create a safe medical home for each of our patients. We are the sum of our parts: a dedicated team of pediatricians, physician assistants, RNs, and administrative staff whose goal is to meet our community’s needs through comprehensive care. Today, we highlight one of our staff members, Jodi Peterson, an RN at Woodburn Pediatrics. We asked her some questions about her healthcare background, what sets Woodburn apart and what direction she sees the clinic taking in the future.

1.  What’s the best thing about working at Woodburn? What’s the most challenging?

 The best thing about working at Woodburn Pediatrics Clinic is that we care about our patients and have always been encouraged to go above and beyond, especially when it benefits our patients.  We’re a very diverse and great group at WPC and I’m happy I am a part of it.

The most challenging thing about working at WPC is the having enough educated staff to meet our patients’ needs.  New patients are always coming in (which we love), but this also creates a need and it’s difficult to fit everyone in.  We have extended our office hours and this has helped accommodate families.  Adding more staff may be in our future.

2. How long have you worked with children?

I have worked with children since I was fifteen years old, working first as a lifeguard and teaching swimming lessons.  I then attended University of Portland and became a Pediatric RN. For the last 13 years I’ve been learning many skills while working at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in Portland, and for the last nine years at WPC.

3. What is your favorite thing about caring for your community’s children?

I love working with families for the better care of their children.  I love being able to go above and beyond.  This has shown over the years with outside clinic activities as well as what we do every day in the clinic. For example, we hold flu clinics in our office as well throughout the Woodburn Schools that are very successful and fun!  I love being a nurse!

Our mission is to empower and advocate for our patients. Our staff ensures that each child that passes through our doors receives the individualized attention they need. We want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have, or check out our FAQs. You can also check back to our blogfor more resources.