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Understanding and Managing Anger in ADHD Children

April 6th, 2015|ADHD & ADD|

As ADHD specialists, at Woodburn Pediatrics we understand that managing anger in ADHD children can be a daily struggle. Excessive anger is one of the most common symptoms of ADHD in children and is also one of the most difficult to understand. We’ve compiled the most effective strategies for working through episodes of anger and preventing [...]

6 Toys to Focus your ADHD Child

March 20th, 2015|ADHD & ADD|

ADHD in children precipitates some challenges for playtime, one of which is a limited range of interest when it comes to toys. Many kids with ADHD prefer to play with a few, familiar toys instead of exploring novel options. However, at Woodburn Pediatric Clinic we understand the importance of play. There are ways to encourage kids [...]

ADD and Morning Routines: What Works Best?

March 11th, 2015|ADHD & ADD|

If getting up and ready for school is a daily struggle for your child, you may be interested in developing a more strategic morning routine. Woodburn Pediatric Clinic offers personalized ADD treatment for their patients but there are also things you can do at home to help manage symptoms. Discover effective techniques to streamline your routine [...]

ADHD and the Nervous System

October 29th, 2013|ADHD & ADD|

In a recent article published in ADDitude Magazine, Dr. William Dodson described the integrated paths of ADHD and the human body’s nervous system as they relate to deadlines, procrastination and overall motivation. In fact, Dr. Dodson claims the ADHD nervous system is unique and special in that it regulates attention and emotions in different ways than [...]

Childhood Milestones: Learning How to Read and Write

October 8th, 2013|ADHD & ADD|

Learning how to read and write is a major child development milestone. It is important to remember that not all children learn at the same pace; for example students with ADD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities may struggle with literacy more than their peers. If your son or daughter has ADD or ADHD, you can visit [...]

Children with ADHD Back To School Tips

September 24th, 2013|ADHD & ADD|

It’s back to school time again. With the start of a new school year come both old and new challenges. Children with ADHD can be especially difficult to prepare for school. They often experience heightened levels of anxiety and may resist any changes to their current routine. Learn some useful ways to help your child start [...]