Vaccines for Older Children

Vaccines are the best way for parents to protect their newborn or young child and keep them healthy. As children get older, ensuring they’re vaccinated against preventable diseases is still critical. Children older than 1 should begin with these four vaccines, which will require additional boosters as they age. Each shot offers incredibly robust protection against these infections. Woodburn Pediatric Clinic offers several of these shots to families in the Woodburn and greater Salem area. Read below for each of the shots offered for older children.

  • Tdap: Sometimes even after vaccination your immune system needs a booster or a reminder of what certain diseases look like. Tdap is a booster of the DTaP vaccine your child got when they were babies. You usually need this booster every 10 years but may need it sooner in certain situations.
  • HPV: This vaccine helps protect boys and girls from certain kinds of cancers. The reason children get it is to protect them before their body sees the virus. If you get the vaccine when you are an adult, then you may have already seen the virus and missed your chance for protection.
  • Meningitis: This vaccine helps protect from infection of the brain and blood. This disease spreads very fast and can be deadly, so it is important to be vaccinated.
  • Meningitis B: This is a vaccine which protects your child from a specific type of meningitis. This one is more likely to spread in college campuses, army bases and where people live close together and in large groups. Like other meningitis strains, this spreads fast and can be deadly.
Mother holding her child near to her heart


Mother kissing her newborn baby

Feel free to consult the following resources regarding each recommended vaccine for newborns and children under 1 year old. If you have any questions, please contact us today to talk to a practitioner or schedule a vaccine appointment today.



Meningitis (Standard and B Vaccines)