Vaccines for Everyone Else

As children age and grow, their immune systems develop strong responses to many common illnesses. With the help of vaccines, their immune systems become even more robust. While most vaccines are needed from birth to the first few years of life, there are a couple that are recommended throughout their childhood, teenage, and adult years.

  • Flu (influenza): This vaccine is one that your child gets every year if they are more than 6 months old. Your child’s first flu season getting vaccinated they need 2 doses to be considered fully vaccinated. The flu vaccine does not prevent your child from getting the flu but the symptoms they have are not as bad. Babies can stop breathing from the flu and the elderly also are more likely to get sick. Getting everyone vaccinated can help protect very young babies and grandparents. In severe cases, the flu can cause bleeding in the brain.
  • COVID-19: While this vaccine may seem newer, the technology has been around for years. Studies are ongoing to check for long term side effects, but the COVID-19 virus itself can lead to long term fatigue, problems breathing and heart damage. Though rarer, COVID-19 virus can also lead to severe inflammation in the body and death in children. It is currently available for anyone more than 12 years old.
Mother holding her child near to her heart


Mother kissing her newborn baby

Feel free to consult the following resources regarding each recommended vaccine for newborns and children under 1 year old. If you have any questions, please contact us today to talk to a practitioner or schedule a vaccine appointment today.

Flu (Influenza)