How to Prevent Asthma Attacks at Home and at School

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Asthma attacks can be incredibly scary, but they can also be preventable. If your childing is living with asthma, follow these tips for how to prevent asthma attacks at home and school. Preventing Asthma Attacks at Home Keep Things Clean One of the best ways to prevent asthma attacks at home is to be vigilant in [...]

3 Must-Haves in your Child’s Asthma Action Plan

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Everyday children have a ton on their minds. They’re considering if they fit in at school; how their grades are doing; when they’re going to see their friends next; etc. Children with asthma are just like other children in this regard–they have all the same worries plus one more: how are they going to manage their [...]

Living With Asthma Tips from Tami Kochan

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Tami Kochan, RN, MSN, CPNP, AE-C, is a certified asthma educator and lecturer. Tami has helped countless families learn about asthma and how to effectively manage it. In “A Day in the Life,” a recent asthma publication she co-wrote, Tami discusses many helpful asthma tips and strategies for parents: […]