Signs of typical development for children between birth and five years of age. Each child is different and many learn and grow at a different pace.

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3 months your child should: 6 months your child should: 12 months your child should: 18 months your child should:
Turns head towards bright colors and lights Turns towards sound Pull self to standing position Follow simple directions
Follow moving Reach for toys Crawl on hands and knees Pull off shoes & socks
Respond to loud sounds Roll over Drink from a cup Look at pictures
Grasp rattle or hair Move toys from one hand to the other Say “mama” and “dada” Feed his/herself
Wiggle and kick with legs and arms Play with toes Pull self to standing posiion Play peek-a-boo and patty cake
Lift head and chest while on stomach Help hold bottle during feeding Wave bye-bye Walk without help
Smile Know familiar faces Put toys in containers Step off low objects and keep balance
Make cooing sounds Babble Say 1-2 words Stack 2-3 blocks
Sit with minimal support Walk holding onto furniture Turn 2 or 3 pages at a time
2 years of age child should: 3 years of age child should: 4 years of age child should: 5 years of age child should:
Use 2-3 word sentences Walk steps alternating feet Talk in short sentences Draw a face that looks like a face
Say names of toys Ride a tricycle Speak clearly enough for others to understand Speaks clearly
Recognize familiar pictures Dress themselves give reasonable answers to questions Use words like (big, many, etc)
Feed self with spoon Open doors Balance on one foot Understand “yesterday” and “tomorrow”
Use 8-10 words that are understood Play independently Play with other children Button large buttons
Turn pages in a book Repeat simple rhymes Wash hands
Imitates Use 3-5 word sentences
Build a tower Take turns
Run Hop on one foot


To qualify for services, a child must have a significant developmental delay or disability that meets Oregon eligibility guidelines related to speech and language, motor, social-emotional, learning, vision, or hearing.

Services are at no cost to the family. Referrals for evaluations and/or services can be made by a parent, physician, preschool staff, childcare providers, nurses, family members or anyone concerned about a child’s development.

The Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) program provides services for children from newborn to five years of age. If a child is determined eligible to receive services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed by the family and the education team. This plan is based on the child’s individual strengths, needs and goals. Services are designed to support learning and development, and include the parents as important partners in the education process.

How to refer your child?

Marion County (503) 385-4714
Polk & Yamhill County (503) 435-5918
Toll Free Number (888) 560-4666
Marion Referral Fax (503) 540-2959
Polk Yamhill Referral Fax (503) 540-2958