Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that can present many challenges to affected families. If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, you may not know where to start. With our autism facts, you can develop a better understanding.

What is Autism?
Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by difficulty communicating and interacting with others. It is frequently grouped into low and high functioning levels. Children with low functioning autism, also known as severe autism, typically experience greater difficulty academically and socially and can also struggle with coordination. They also tend to have very limited means of communication and may be entirely or mostly nonverbal. Children with high functioning autism tend to have adequate language skills and coordination but experience difficulty expressing themselves, reading other people’s intent and using body language.

Signs of Autism
Autism presents a variety of symptoms that parents should know about to prevent late-detection. Early intervention is critical for helping children develop more efficient means of communicating and increasing social interaction. Your child may have an autism spectrum disorder if he or she displays any of the following signs:

• Lack of interest in play, physical contact or social situations
• Abnormal gait
• Engages in repetitive movements or sounds
• Unusual use of emotion (weeping or giggling for no apparent reason)
• Impulsive
• Abnormally high aggression
• Sensitive to stimulation such as sound, touch or visual stimuli
• Impaired expression or lack of expression entirely
• Monotone vocal patterns

What Causes Autism?
Unfortunately, there is no known single cause of autism. However, researchers agree that brain abnormalities contribute to the condition. Treatment usually involves one-on-one therapy and behavioral interventions.

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