Help your child get the most out this summer break with fun activities for kids from Pinterest. These free games for kids are the perfect way to start the day or spend a lazy afternoon. Best of all, they use common household items and are a cinch to set-up!

DIY Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

(Image source: Pinterest)

Babble’s DIY bird feeder is perfect for children of all ages. Use cookie cutters to mold leftover bird feed and hang them on tress in your yard!

Homemade Popsicle Recipes


(Image source: Pinterest)

Washington is experiencing weather in the 100s this summer. Help your little one cool off with healthy, natural snacks like these homemade popsicles from Babble. Spend quality time together by educating your child about healthy alternatives to their favorite sweet snacks.

Glow in the Dark Sidewalk Chalk


Image Source: Pinterest

Sidewalk chalk is fine during the day—but make it even more fun by adding in a few key ingredients so your child’s masterpiece can show up in the dark as well! Make your own glow in the dark sidewalk chalk using simple ingredients.

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Image Source: Pinterest

Transform old water bottles into fun wind spirals! You can take the reins on this one by cutting out the spiral shape for your child and then have him or her decorate it however they wish.

Rainbow Bubble Snake


Image Source: Housing a Forest

This DIY rainbow bubble snake takes just a few minutes to put together. We love activities that get kids outside and moving—especially during the summer when they might be cooped up and antsy.

Water Balloon Games

Image Source: Pinterest

With over 20 creative water balloon games, you can easily beat the heat with your kiddo and spend quality time outdoors.


From kids’ games to tasty recipes, these summer ideas are sure to keep your little one busy. For more activities and other kids’ health topics, be sure to visit our blog!