Structured team sports can play an integral role in the development of good sportsmanship and social skills for children with ADHD. While sports are valuable for all children, they are especially beneficial for kids living with ADHD. Regular participation in sports can significantly reduce maladaptive behaviors and help children develop healthy coping skills. Discover the most advantageous options for ADHD in children below.

When it comes to ADHD, baseball is an excellent option that emphasizes patience and teamwork. However, keep downtime to a minimum. Use our advice on how to speak with your child’s coach to find ways to modify your child’s role to help him or her stay engaged.

Running is an excellent way to ease symptoms of ADHD in children. This highly-active sport is ideal for children who are prone to boredom-induced behaviors. It is also a good starting point for kids who may not enjoy team sports. 

Soccer is one of the most popular team-based sport that teaches good sportsmanship, problem solving and quick reaction times. It is ideal for children with high-energy levels who benefit from constant activity.

Mindfulness is a difficult concept for children with ADHD to master, but gymnastics can help. By encouraging kids to be more aware of their bodily movements and breathing habits, gymnastics increases focus and patience.

Before enrolling your child in a sport, allow him or her to experience several different options first-hand on a trial basis so they can pick the one that interests them the most. If you are interested in learning about more tips or treatment for ADHD, get in touch with one of our specialists by scheduling your appointment today!

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