Here in Oregon, winter comes with shorter—and rainier—days. But you and the kids don’t have to stay cooped up until spring arrives. Instead, consider these fun winter activities for kids.

Given the weather, sometimes it’s not realistic to recommend outdoor activities for your kids. Still, you don’t have to settle for vegging out all day.

Contrary to popular belief, virtual gaming is not an acceptable replacement for actual exercise. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do indoors to help your child choose engaging activities.

Some great examples of engaging and active indoor activities for kids include:

  • Cooking with them: taking the afternoon to teach your child a simple dish now may discover a love for cooking
  • Playing music: whether it’s using pots and pans for drums or showing them some chords on the guitar, this can also pique interest in a new hobby
  • Hide-and-Go-Seek: this classic game can be played in just about any home
  • Going somewhere else: from the local gym to an indoor water park, a field trip is a great way to get out of the house on a rainy day

Fortunately, there’s plenty of time for playing outdoors during the winter in Oregon, as snowfall is usually sparse. Many parks and schools have covered areas so the kids can shoot hoops and play tag well into spring.

When we are fortunate enough to get some snow, sledding is an obvious choice, along with snowshoeing, or simply making a snowman in the backyard.

The Oregon Zoo, is also a great way to get outside without being overly exposed to the elements. You can enjoy many of the exhibits from inside.

Some children can find it a bit harder than others to become engaged, especially when the weather limits their options, however there are tons of options to explore from both inside and outside. For over forty years we’ve aimed to help families live their best lives. Let us know if there’s a way we can help, or if you’d like to set up an appointment with us.